Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Buhari Welcomes President Of Benin

The President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has warmly welcomed the President of neighbouring Benin Republic, Boni Yayi.
The President of Benin promised his support and collaboration to the incoming government. He said: “I am here to pledge my support to your administration because of your integrity and respect for your anti-corruption campaign slogan, and the fact revealed that you were voted by Nigerians because of these purposes.”
President visit

Yayi stated that “Benin is Nigerians’ second home”. He added that “55% of Benin has Nigerians heritage. Nigeria and Benin share the same boarder.” “I was very young when you were head of states in 1983 and I followed your administration very well and heard about all your principles. You have enormous experience as the former head of state.

This is your second coming as the President of Nigeria, I hope  to be here in future, Benin is the 37th state of Nigeria since we share the same boarders.

Buhari who spoke on a very brightly note expressed gratitude for his visit.

The president-elect said: “I appreciate your coming, for identifying with Nigerians at this critical time where Nigerians are facing a lot of challenges and problems from Boko Haram. We are very grateful for your wonderful gesture because Nigeria is faced with insecurity problem generally. We appreciate you once more for identifying with us in these trying times.”
President visit
It worth to be mentioned that Benin enjoys stable relations with Nigeria, the main regional power. In fact Benin is dependent on Nigeria for most of its export. Its economy is primarily based on informal trade with Nigeria.
Source: Naij.com

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